Simple Hit Detection with PixiJs for Hostile Shapes

Sprite hit detection and collision detection are essential elements of game development, enabling interactions between game objects and enhancing gameplay dynamics. In this blog post, we'll explore how to implement simple sprite hit detection PixiJS, a powerful JavaScript library for creating interactive web-based games.

Understanding Sprite Hit Detection:

Sprite hit detection involves detecting when two sprites overlap or intersect with each other. In PixiJS, this can be achieved by comparing the bounding boxes of sprites using their position and dimensions.

Ultimately, the decision to implement collision detection depends on the specific gameplay mechanics and requirements of your game. For Hostile Shapes we wanted to keep things simple and for the game to still perform well on low spec older devices, so we went with a Simple Hit Detection solution using the proximity between sprites.

How to add simple Hit Detection to your game in PixiJS

This example initializes a PixiJS application, configuring its canvas size to match the dimensions of the browser window. When the user clicks anywhere on the canvas, the addMoreSprites() function is triggered, adding 10 new sprites to the stage. Each sprite is represented by an image (hexagon.png) and is randomly positioned within the canvas area. These sprites move across the canvas at varying velocities, bouncing off the edges when they reach them.

The application continuously animates the sprites using the app.ticker.add() method, updating their positions based on their velocities. Additionally, it performs a hit test between all pairs of sprites to detect collisions. If two sprites come within a certain distance of each other, worked out by the calculateDistanceBetweenTwoPoints() function, their tint colors are changed to indicate a collision.

This example tries to demonstrate the creation of an interactive PixiJS application with sprite animation and collision detection.

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