Hostile Shapes Credits

Developing Hostile Shapes has been an absolute joy. I dedicated substantial time exploring disfferent frameworks and carefully selected the ones listed below. These frameworks have significantly reduced the complexity of the dev process and enhanced the overall quality of the game.

Game Engine:

pixi js

PixiJS is my go-to 2D rendering engine for crafting fast and engaging games. It's not just a tool; it's my game development companion. I love how PixiJS seamlessly handles graphics, animations, whilst effortlessly managing all the complicated WebGL magic and HTML5 Canvas reliability.

What's more, learning PixiJS was made easier thanks to its user-friendly API, accompanied by an abundance of helpful documents and working examples. It's the perfect choice for both newcomers and seasoned developers, turning the journey of HTML5 game creation into a truly enjoyable experience.

Why we chose to build Hostile Shapes with examples

Animation Library:


I've just started using GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform) for tweening, it is amazing, very easy to setup and just works. Its seamless integration with PixiJS adds a whole new dimension to the creative experience.

Why we added gsap to Hostile Shapes with examples

Audio Library:

pixi js

The game uses the Howler.js Audio Library (, known for its user-friendly interface and efficient sound caching. The recent shift to the OGG format has streamlined the audio integration process. Excitingly, we've just begun chaining sounds and dynamically mixing them on the fly, opening up new avenues for future development.

Sounds from

pixi js

The game incorporated Freesound for the majority of the game's sounds. It is a diverse and high-quality audio library of over 600,000 sounds.

Used Sounds:

Electrocuteaust_paulCreative Commons 0
Blast RevisitedBenboncanAttribution 3.0
Menu ClickLeszek_SzaryCreative Commons 0
Error 04distillerystudioAttribution 3.0
Blip C 02cabled_messCreative Commons 0
Coin C 07cabled_messCreative Commons 0
Deep Whoosh #1KinotonCreative Commons 0
Positive responseTuudurtCreative Commons 0
Woosh SFX CleandjlprojectsAttribution 3.0
Landing ForcefieldunfaCreative Commons 0
WinmehraniiiiCreative Commons 0
Power Up Regeneration SFXRomeo_KaleikauAttribution NonCommercial 3.0
Shield DdownmetalfortressCreative Commons 0
Hard Rising TransitionMJannemanAttribution 4.0
Ringingpolicemouse67Creative Commons 0